Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sunday Should Be Cancelled

Another glorious Sunday, for the record Old Knudsen hates Sundays. Too much hypocrisy in the air for him such an uncomfortable vibe.

Sit in yer hoose or get yer hoosework done cos Sunday is the most boring day ever .... the telly is boring all the time but is somehow extra dull on Sundays. 

Tweak with yer place in the afterlife if you want but seriously, is there any proof/evidence of an afterlife? Yes, the answer is a giant resounding NO but if you want to waste yer own time and appear really really really really stupid then go ahead, it just annoys me that I am effected by yer stupidity and that children have to be molested cos it's in yer holy book.

I haven't read yer holy book, Old Knudsen is just assuming it is cos yer a load of kiddie fucking Gog botherers. 

What will I do?

I know what I'd like to do but she has a restraining order on me.

Maybe I'll just lounge around the pool with a couple of buddies and see what cums up.

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