Monday, 10 March 2014

Rednecks Sure Do Whine A Lot

Old Knudsen gets a little tired of the constant hate that gets spewed out on the TV, Interwebs and media in general. He just wants to dust off his M40 sniper rifle and go up to a bell tower to shoot the hate out of people, right behind their fucking eyes.

It's a small world these days with everyone having a smartphone but the thing is that smartphones don't make the people ant smarter. They do get to publish their opinions for the world though.

Like this 20 year-old English slapper, hey who wasn't this dumb aged 20 huh huh? I bet she is smart enough to not shag Old Knudsen though.

Good politicians have discovered that fear will keep will get them elected. Hitler used the fear of Jews to unite the German people so what if you use fear of several different groups? especially ones who are the most vulnerable.

Well it doesn't work all the time and just goes to make things worse for those targets. 

“Anybody can become angry — that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way — that is not within everybody's power and is not easy.”  ~ Aristole
Here is what Conservative Americans know.

Welfare recipients are lazy fuckers who want to live mouth to hand and never want to get ahead in life because they are all rich anyways.

Liberals don't like guns and so therefore don't like you having them.

Women who have abortions are murderous sluts .Those who have their babies but go on government assistance are lazy sluts.

Immigrants get every government benefit that's out there and send their excess thousands back home to foreign land. 

Muslims are all terrorists. Sikhs and Pakkies are also Muslim terrorists. 

Ghey people can be cured but are too sinful to want it and are one step away from being pedos.

Stalin was a socialist...... like Obama. 

Blacks are lazy and probably steal shit .... like Obama.

Conservative thinking is completely normal and correct, and is validated by the Bible ... probably, if they had read it all.

Quit yer fucking whining, ya sound like the English.

If you look at the way the US is broken up politically you'll see that most of the red states (Conservative/Republican) are inbred redneck hillbilly states that doesn't produce much except for inbred hillbillies with snake handling religions.

Now don't get me started on the touchy feely knee jerk  Liberals busy feeling their white guilt over slavery.

So much is wrong with the way people are thinking in the world , which is why Old Knudsen is here to tell you what to think. Someone without anything to gain has to do it.

Quit begrudging those who have with very little. What works for you might not work for them, there are things you might never know ...... like those annoying memes you see about mental illness, you can't see everyone's illnesses so don't judge.

Unless yer Old Knudsen of course then judge away.

 Look at the big arse on that, should she really be wearing tight leggings? 

“If everyone is thinking alike, then no one is thinking.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Where is this post going? Fuck you, that's where.

Fox news, the channel that speaks and thinks for many Republicans had this picture up. 99.6% of "poor" hooseholds .... did you notice the quotes? have a fridge.

What they are saying are, 'how can you be poor if you have a fridge?'  only some cunt who has never been poor would suggest such a thing.

How can you be poor if you have any of these? .... a microwave, a car, the Interweb, running water, washing machine, clothes, a pet dog and it goes on.  

If you do anything that goes under the heading 'having fun' then you must be a scrounger. Oh you had some extra money and bought a pizza, you can't be that poor then.


Old Knudsen is his own employer which pays pretty shit at times but it gives him time to do his hobbies, urban exploring, bukkake, hate crimes, ya know that sort of thing. The only thing he does to excess is masturbate and usually thats free.

The really sad thing is that these US Republicans are worldwide. Maybe because most of them came from Europe, especially the UK and Ireland. Northern Ireland still has plenty of Hillbillies left and in case you didn't know, the term HillBilly is from the followers of King William of Orange who is seen like a god to the Loyalists of Northern Ireland for finally getting Catholics out of the British monarchy, yep all 4 foot 8 inches of his Dutch wee self.

In Northern Ireland we have weemen as second class citizens and have restricted opening times for shops on a Sunday, it's a Republican's dream, thats US Republican cos Northern Ireland Republicans are yon Fenian cunts who blow people up.

On the Mainland you have the Conservatives playing all the cards that the US conservatives do and right now Fracking is what all the conservatives cronies are getting into despite how contaminated the US has gotten from it.

99.6% of poor need a fridge if they ever want a drink of cold clean water as you have to buy it from the shops thanks to industrial pollution . At least in third world Africa you can drink from the faucet. 

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