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Northern Ireland, Love It Or Leave It

 I wonder what they are trying to say.

Top 'O' the morin to ya, to be sure .... potato! just some of the things you'd expect to hear in Northern Ireland because we're Irish with leprechauns an shit.

Leprechauns are actually the old gods that have been turned into an easy to mock caricatures by the early Christians. They didn't want their sort around here. St Patrick is celebrated for getting rid of the Pagans/Snakes .... imagine making a figure of religious intolerance a hero. The Pagans who didn't fall for the old 3 leaved clover trinity bullshit were converted at the point of a sword.  

So early on we've always discriminated and people like St Patrick came from elsewhere to tell us who to discriminate against ..... well except for St Patrick, like most of the saints having been made up. 

 A Polish woman with the block that came through her window.

DUP member John Smyth thought he'd get ahead in the polls by attacking the Poles. Even those who want to be community leaders are often hateful cunts. 

Since the 1500's the Catholics were persecuted under the rules of Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, King James I and of course Cromwell when he ruled Britain, even the Protestants were persecuted if they weren't the right, sanctioned flavour of Prod .  It was all about getting rid of the Catholic Irish and taking their lands.

So we can't even abide our fellow white people who have the same faith but don't share the same exact believes.

The English didn't see the Irish as civilized which is funny as it's the British Prods who are acting very uncivilized, not very British like at all.

Many of the lower class people of Northern Ireland don't politely queue or take their turn, they don't say "excuse me" or "please" and "thank you" they don't cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze and they just aren't nice.

Why did you just spit on the ground? did yer mouth just suddenly fill up with water? Ya know what Old Knudsen never needs to do? aye, he never needs to spit on the street, like most civilized people he swallows without even thinking about it a lot of the time, may be you should go see a doctor.

Not at all British, more in common with the blacks from the ghettos of the U.S. Old Knudsen has lived in the ghetto and he's lived in Northern Ireland so he kinda knows. You don't have manners, you dress in sweats and track suits, you don't value hard work or education and you can barely read, speak, write or comprehend English, you speak spidebonics.    

But you don't like black people .... not as if you've really actually met one.
So you have all these English and Scottish Prods who resettled the north east of Ireland, they hated the Irish who were Catholics, and they saw the Irish as little more than animals. There was a time when you could legally kill an Irish person as if you would a dog ..... weemen weren't treated much better but at least they knew their place.

Is it any wonder that Catholics wanted to blow James I up in Parliament?  The Catholics (after a few centuries) decided to stop being victims and began to hate Protestants right back. Now you have two lots of bigots begetting each other ..... ?

Yes I know the correct usage of the word. Doesn't beget or begot sound like someone saying bigot in a posh way? Like how people (like me) say Croissant in the proper French pronunciation of not really saying the 'T'. 

"Oh no, I'm not a bigot, I'm from the upper Malone road, I'm a begot." or does begot sound like a French loaf?

 Suffragette Emily Davidson does suicide by King's horse in 1913

All the while that this sectarianism is going on, weemen's rights are just being ignored. Sure they got the vote but attitudes towards weemen still do not see them as being equal to men. In Northern Ireland a woman is very often not taken seriously and needs a man to step in .... also with abortion being illegal here which is due to religious beliefs, it's the only thing that the Prods and Taigs can agree upon.
Weemen in the workplace make sure they have an inch of make up on and their high heels in order to do their jobs. It's funny seeing a female Doctor walking about in fuck me pumps with her cleavage hanging out rather than orthopedic trainers and a professional looking blouse.

It's like the people of Northern Ireland have put so much effort in hating others and playing at being oppressed that they just didn't get around to becoming self aware. The Troubles are used as a handy excuse but you know what? the fucking Troubles are over, dry yer eyes. Going on about heritage and culture when they don't even know who they are as individuals never mind as a people.   

We've had seven race related attacks in 10 days which included attacks with pipe bombs in DerryLondonDerry (rape city) and petrol bombs in Rathcoole. They don't mind at all if there are children in the houses because not attacking children would be to discriminate against them as that would be ageism and that would be very very wrong. 

If you have this big fuck off message as you enter the Rathcoole estate then you should know that you are entering a major inbreeding zone so don't expect a friendly welcome if yer an outsider. 

At the moment it's mostly Eastern Europeans getting the brunt of the attacks, you could compare them to the Mexicans of America if you will since they get treated just the same .

 Yokel, "coming over here taking our jobs and living on our welfare, how dare they, well ok I didn't want the jobs cos I'm lazy and I'm on welfare, I just hate to think that others are getting more than me..... besides, day don't fuckin talk English an there bound 2B Fenian."

There is no massive outcry of rage against these crimes as that is usually reserved for important issues like flags or a parade to commemorate some person who was blown up 30 years ago. 

The people of Northern Ireland are expected to put up with shit because they don't know any different and are not used to anything better, they are told how the Africans would be so grateful for this and for that and yes, they would be, except if they got them the locals would run them out.

Many things in Northern Ireland just get shrugged at and we are told, 'that is just how things are' and if you complain too much or have a differing opinion then just like the Republicans in the US you get told to 'love it or leave it.'  Why must we always have sectarian murals? Not very clear on that one. Do you know how easy it would be to paint over them and arrest people who try to paint more? Quite easy but no, the police stand and watch them do it. 
Christine and Micheal Bower are quitting politics to look after their two young children, getting paint
bombed for being in the Alliance party was a factor that helped them decide it too. 

So bombing someone and throwing bricks through their window for being a foreigner or for having a different political opinion is something to love? this is seen as normal Northern Ireland shit. Love it or leave it sounds very much like lump it or leave it and do without. 

Why would you put up with this shit, why would you run away from it by moving elsewhere? What if elsewhere had similar problems do you just move again? 

The love it or leave it option is not very well thought through. 

You don't have to love the cuntry you live in, there is not a law that says so but what if you did love yer cuntry but the the people in the cuntry were wankers and the cuntry was heading in the wrong direction what do you do? 

Old Knudsen would think that you'd try to change things and stand up for what is right. I'm not going to pretend all is well and put up with shit because that is the way it has always been done. I will speak out and when I win the lottery I'm out of this fucking third world backwater idiot province, until then I'm stuck here and those people who don't like me complaining about what bigoted racist arseholes they are  are stuck with me too. 

If you don't like me complaining about yer inbred incestuous ways then get some money together so I can live elsewhere but if you cum near me with one of yer pipe bombs at 3am as you hide in the shadows like the coward you are then I'll shove it so far up yer hole that you can light the fuse by opening yer mouth and wiping the shit off it. 

Northern Ireland ..... don't put up with it, change it. 



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