Monday, 10 March 2014

Justin Bieber Mocks The Law With His Razor Sharp Wit

Don't get edumacated in a socialist cuntry. 20 year-old Justin Bieber doesn't know the difference between detrimental and instrumental but yet still, truth can be found in his words.
Giving his deposition in connection to his bodyguard beating up a photographer, Mr Bieber reminds us what a little wigger prick he really is.

'Was the singer Usher instrumental to your career' :::::Bieber's brain starts clicking:::::: 'uh instrumental, what the fuck are these lawyers talking about I've never done an Usher instrumental, they be straight trippin Boo ..... uh hold on I'm white'  Objection your honor, I sing on all my own instrumentals, you're thinking about my detrimentals.  

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