Saturday, 8 March 2014

I'm Giving Up Raping Children For Lent

Jim Donaghy a former priest has said how he is to give up raping children for Lent. "Well I was lying there thinking about Jesus .... when he was a young boy of course and I thought to myself, maybe he would not 100%  go along with my actions and so I'm giving it up .... for Jesus."

"I can still molest them in my head as that isn't real but physically I'm giving it up."

Donaghy who is serving a 10 year sentence in prison for molesting 2 altar boys and a trainee priest has been hailed as an example for all to follow by his former employers, who really need that example..... Donaghy added that being in solitary confinement had nothing to do with his decision.   

We've forgiven/gone complacent with the Catholic church for supporting pedos and for being Gucci wearing hypocrites since Pope Benedict quit and a newer but humble Gucci wearing cunt took over but can we forgive them for robbing the dead?

Pope Francis , otherwise known as 'fingers' admitted to stealing the rosary that belonged to his late
confessor as he paid his last respects to his open casket.

He tried to justify it by making up a story about how he was shocked that there were no flowers so he went and got some and was putting them around the casket when he fancied yon beads of woe. 'I'll have that' he thought.

He said that he had to use some force to get it ..... so that explains the broken fingers on the dead priest since they wrap it around the hands.

Fanny says that he touches the rosary that he carries in a pouch or his pocket to remind him to have grace .... oh and that sometimes you can get away with really cool shit.

I love yer honesty Franky boy but seriously, robbing the dead? someone put that rosary into the priest's hand thinking, 'oh it's what he would have wanted' not in case some sticky fingered cunt decided that it was what he wanted.

Then to brag about it with the junior priests ...... lucky yer confessor didn't have any gold teeth.

Since we're all about honesty and shit, Old Knudsen used to snipe at old people and children when he served in Chechnya.
I was shocked to see these civilians watching around a war zone without being killed and so I thought, what would Jesus do? .... I wasn't going to molest any kiddies like he would do so I just assumed that he would hide on higher ground and shoot them from a vantage point.   

Even though Lent is a Fenian thing Old Knudsen is giving up sniping at unarmed civilians in Chechnya. 

Ach I'm just so honest an humble.  

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