Monday, 24 March 2014

How Do You Like Yer Freedoms?

The majority of people on social media always have so much to say ..... not! 

Old Knudsen has always said, "You are only as free as the government allows you to be" not much good as a chat up line but there you have it.

In Turkey they are finding out what a repressive cuntry they are even though they go on about being more European and not really radical Muslims at all ...... aye, pull the other one. Turkey is always just one step away from going full retard, they just need the push.

The Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan doesn't like the people sharing information and really doesn't like them leaking telephone calls that prove that the government is corrupt.

He says the tapes that were leaked are fabricated and then he blocks the use of Twitter in Turkey which they were posted on, looks like they aren't that made up after all. Imagine that, the Turkish government corrupt, show me a government that isn't corrupt.

The PM has vowed to  "wipe out Twitter" and what you get in Turkey now is a screen saying, oops we have a problem, I'm sure they do.
It seems funny that Twitter of all things threatens this bloke so much. It isn't the war in Syria, economic downturn or that Turkish men are all rapey, it's fucking Twitter. I wonder if you can get my blog in Turkey.

For years, Turkey has been trying to get into the EU by showing how progressive they are and the EU has told them to obey EU law and we'll see.

We'll see is what you tell children instead of 'no' as they might have a slim chance of getting what they want if they play ball and if Hell freezes over. 

When asked what others will think of this Twitter censorship Erdogan said,  "I don't care what the international community says at all. Everyone will see the power of the Turkish Republic." 

 An Ottoman

Scary rhetoric considering he fancies himself as a bit of a dictator bringing back the Ottoman empire  and getting a tight militaristic hold on all things remotely Turkish. Aye build up yer military, thats all we need, another large army for Al Qaeda to infiltrate and take over. 

A devout Muslim, Erdogan, has to be sending out warning signals to the west. How is introducing laws that can shut websites doon without getting a court order first gonna sound? It sounds like he's all 'oh the Interweb is Satan's tool and is all run by the US'  Stupid backward shit.

Obama and Cameron would love to do this but they can't look like they support this because, well it's Turkey.  'How dare you treat the Turkish people this way!' ......... shit I wish we could do that.  

Turkey just shot doon a Syrian fighter jet as it attacked rebels on the border. Turkey said the jet had violated it's airspace. Erdogan said,  "Our F-16s took off and hit this plane. Why? Because if you violate my airspace, our slap after this will be hard."

Oppressing it's citizens and looking for a fight, yep it's gonna get one, but not from Syria as they are well too busy.  

So as you think about how yer government doesn't want you to own M60's or Mini-guns .... even though the constitution mentions these by name, or how you can't make death threats or incite violence against others on Facebook, just be glad that you have Twitter and FB and that things haven't gotten so bad and we can still watch movies online without paying for them .... now that is freedom.  Enjoy it while you still have it. 

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