Friday, 21 March 2014

God Hates Stuff

Fred Phelps the Pastor of Westboro church is dead, the 84 year-old minister of hate died doing what he loved best, taking it up the arse. After years of hating poo pirates and turd pushers he decided to try it himself and found out that maybe it was acceptable to God after all.

During the last year of his life (when he wasn't snake handling) he was busy changing all his signs to 'God loves fags',  he also experimented with picketing straight funerals. Phelps, who is on first name terms with god is now looking doon on us, but in a different way as Heaven now has another angel.

The loop hole is that you can be a total cunt all you like but if you accept Christ as yer personal trainer, you'll get into Heaven after a life of cuntery ..... sounds good to me except for all that hypocritical, two faced fondling of children Christian shite that you have to do.

You may be gone Mr Phelps but the bad taste you have left behind is still here.


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