Thursday, 20 March 2014

Cow Rant!

Debris of flight MH 370 may have been found and Putin is getting ready to invade Crimea but what everyone is talking about is that Tesco used the wrong type of cow on it's adverts.

I'm sure you can tell straight away what the problem is, aye that's right, these are eatin cows not milkin ones.
It was farmers who noticed. One English farmer Richard Yates said, "That shows how out of touch they are and what they think of dairy farmers."

Boy is Old Knudsen pissed off, DAMN YOU TESCO!!!!!

I did enjoy hearing the in store commercials saying that Tesco milk came from local farmers, ah how Old Knudsen would chuckle, until he blogged about it and they changed it.

Tesco is a money grabbing fucker who fails to realise that high prices and poor quality will get you to lose customers. If you ever see a happy member of staff that means that they are new to the job but they will soon learn.
What does Old Knudsen think about farmers? not much, but considering that many of Northern Ireland's farmers are Orangemen or in the DUP you can't really blame him.


Tesco is sneaky as fuck, their clearance goods are usually one or two pound less than the usual price, hardly clearance . You see those plastic carrier bags?  When they brought in the plastic bag tax they switched to thinner smaller bags that you had to pay 5p for, the fuckers,  ...... it's the principle of it, of course they kept running out of stock and you had to buy the 10p ones. 

The white ones in the picture, Old Knudsen recycles his plastic bags but a year after the bag tax came in those bags were disintegrating and leaving a mess in Old Knudsen's shed. What happened to bags getting stuck in trees and baby birds eating them?

It's all a fucking con!

Aye they'll let flags rot in trees but if they can make money by going green with their carrier bags they will.

Who cares about the wrong cows? There was a poster of a child in a hospital bed looking ill so people would donate blood ..... I bet he wasn't really sick.

I wanna see real milking cows and children on their death beds. Fuck you farmers, why should they be the ones who are allowed guns and the average person not? .......... elitist bastards and their milking cows!  


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