Sunday, 16 March 2014

Bath Day

It's Sunday again, or as the posh people of Northern Ireland call it, Bath day. The day of the week devoted to having a bath. You wash away yer sins at church and wash away the build up from yer ass crack at home.

To continue with my run of beautiful weemen with natural baps, have this one. I don't know her name but so what? Why ask names, are ya going to become penpals or something?

Remember folks, these posts have a pure intent and designed to lure Christain pedos away from the kiddies so no dirty thoughts! .... they also make up a lot of the naked weemen quota on my blog. Without naked weemen Old Knudsen's blog would only have his superior wit and intellect to fill it. 

Do you know what religion Jesus was? well duh he couldn't have been Christian, he was actually a Knudsenite. Aye he worshipped me. I didn't want any kiddie diddling hippy following me so I told the Romans on him. How was I to know that would make him more popular? Like the BBC banning a song on the radio I suppose. 

Sorry if yer into dudes but Old Knudsen, given the choice, prefers weemen 8 times out of 10.  

It should go without saying that Ryan Reynolds would be one of those 2 out of ten times. 

How much sucking does it take to pop inverted nipples out? 

Thank you unknown hottie for helping the little children .... now go make me a cup of tae.

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