Monday, 17 March 2014

Anti-Personnel Drones

What are yer views on drones? who really cares? you cum on this blog to get yer views and opinions given to you by the person in the know so don't bother thinking, you'll hurt yerself.

Drones are class, you can spy through people's windows to make sure they aren't doing illegal, nasty dirty things all naked and oiled up from the comfort of yer recliner/wanking station.  What are ya doing to do, arrest a model helicopter?

The police in Texas need moar drones to ensure no one is doing yon anal sex thing .... Texas believes that anal sex is very un-American.  I dare ya to tests the law in Texas if you don't believe me, the police there don't serve and protect they kill for a living.

Just a tiny toy helicopter with a camera and you can spy within yer budget. A larger more powerful drone can be bought for as little as $1000 or in British money £24.32p cos yer dollar SUCKS!

The military use the old necessity is the mother of invention idea and come up with out of the box ideas to keep themselves safe during the American wars of terror.  Like how garage door remote controls were brought over and used by soldiers to detonate road side IED's or using stray dogs to find mines etc..... don't give them names, it's better that way. 

Drones are being tested for all sorts of things like delivering yer sushi to yer table. It gets rid of the waiter which is fine as you save yerself a tip and hey you can never catch their eye when you actually want something anyway so fuckem .... unless it was a waiter with a jetpack, Old Knudsen would tip to see that.
Other food places are experimenting with drones such as pizza delivery and the burrito bomber which drops it's payload on a flyby and then you can drop yer payload in the toilet later. 

Not to confuse Tempura which is something that tastes like snot with Tempora as the later is the clandestine British Internet spying program. A big shout out to my handlers Jeff doughboy and Shaz, disinformation wouldn't be the same without you..... or would it?    

Amazon is threatening it's workers with, 'do a better job cos there are thousands of drones who would want yer job.'

I love this idea of a drone that can taser people, that would cum in really handy when faced with dangerous nut jobs or just anyone you want. Can you imagine the US police getting these? they would be itching to use them, no point getting cool shit if you don't use it.


Kim Jong-un, North Korea's supreme leader with extra cheese knows the future. While the US move their troops into his area in a silent passive aggressive chess game, he is keeping an eye on them. The US Marine base in northern Australia recently found a dooned drone with no markings on it but the technology and other clues leads them to suspect North Korea.  

What do you get if you cross progress with the American people? ..... Crazy whack jobs who think they can do as they please!

In the small town of Deer Trail Colorado, Phillip Steel learned that the Federal Aviation Administration had loosened regulations that would allow the flight of drones in domestic airspace and that there would be 6 drones testing sites across the cuntry with a view to drones being in widespread use in the US  by 2015.

Steel wanted his town of 598 *white supremacist rednecks* to take a vote to shoot down any drones in Deer Trail airspace as he resents being spied upon ...... what is he hiding I wonder.  A bounty will be paid to anyone who brings in the destroyed drones or just parts of it.  

If you look at the above picture you'll notice the chemtrails in the sky, I'd be worried more about them if I was him. 
Aurora shooter James Holmes and the Columbine shooters all noticed increased chemtrail activity over their hooses a week before the shootings, also their poo gave off the faint odour of cabbage which is the smell that has long been associated with demonic possession.  

The FAA has said that shooting drones would be as much of a federal offense as shooting at manned aircraft and is something a commie might do so there.    

An update on the vote, it was postponed for now and may take place .... if it ever does, next year. Phillip Steel is on the radar. Drones can be fun, embrace them. 

*I watch Southpark and therefore just assume* 


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