Thursday, 20 February 2014

Willie Watcher Wears The Soap Doon

AKA the human beatbox farts as he pumps out the jams and marmalade.

I tried to ignore this story cos Northern Ireland news is boring enough without adding sports and soap operas to the list. 
Willie Frazer's life is a soap opera. 

Remember when he mistook the Italian flag for the Irish flag and accused a school of being an IRA training ground? Hes at it again. 

On the BBC there is a soap opera called Eastenders, it's a depressing bit of TV full of ugly angry people reacting to lame story lines. Willie was outraged that one of the characters had a sports top that promoted the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) because according to Willie the GAA support the IRA .... I thought that was Celtic football supporters who supported the IRA but what do I know? 

Besides more than you of course.  

 We are, we are we are the bully boys ... otherwise known as the Protestant Coalition.

The shirt turned out to be a PE top from a Ballymena school, St Patrick's College. Willie is worried that the Queen Vic pub (where most of the stories are centered around cos the British are a load of drunks) will be named after Bobby Sands and there will be rebel songs played on the jukebox next. 

Celtic football supporters have gotten a sectarian song that laughingly refers to Bobby Sands as brave and gallant onto the music charts as a protest for not being allowed to be sectarian. It seems that Scotland (unlike Northern Ireland) take that shit seriously. 

Awww the fenian cock suckers can't show their love for skinny dying terrorists, did you like it when the fat necked Loyalist cunts played the famine song outside of yon chapel? Just because they do it doesn't make it right for you to do it. Stop being a dick, humans can be better than that. 

The people who claim to be non sectarian are strangely quiet about this song which says a lot, luckily Old Knudsen is here to point out what a bigoted cunt you really are. 

The BBC say that the song is a matter of free speech (something which the UK does not have) but refuses to play the whole song thus making it more of a big deal and voiding the whole free speech point.  
So not only does the BBC support pedos and rapists but they support sectarian wankers and we pay them £145 a year to do so ..... freedom of fuck all. 

What is more embarrassing, getting yer facts wrong (Old Knudsen has never experienced that) or admitting that you watch ...... nay, pay attention to Eastenders like a hot flashy, itchy minged, old woman?

"Hey Sammy, did you see dem beys in Albert Square last night? will we ever find out who is Gemma's baby daddy? if it's Jason then I bet he'll turn up under Jazzie's patio when Bill his twin brother accidentally killed him during an argument over their mammy's affections, we should have a flag protest to clear Bill's name as we know that Jazzie concocted the whole scenario, it just isn't fair."   


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