Saturday, 8 February 2014

Why Do You Think?

Aye it does feel like someone else is doing it, well a part of someone else at least. It's best to not try and figure out or pigeonhole Old Knudsen cos whatever conclusion you cum to it will probably be wrong.
I'm just saying, don't waste yer time trying to figure him out as someone once said, "even his issues have issues" and that is as close as anyone has ever gotten.

Just go with the flow or just don't waste yer time, Old Knudsen doesn't care. He isn't here to be funny or to post naked weemen pictures, this is his mental notice board onto which he pins his thoughts and gets things out there.

Bullies and liars have really gotten to Old Knudsen as of late.  Old Knudsen is one of the good guys, well good-ish. You probably wouldn't trust him, you'd most likely trust the tall dark and handsome fella with the gift of the gab and then be all surprised when he turns out to be a neo Nazi homophobe.

Old Knudsen would help you bury a body and if anyone found out he'd help you bury them too. 

A problem people have with Old Knudsen is that hes always right  ..... even when hes wrong and he can judge yer own character better than yerself, it's not that he knows you it's that he can see you, many people really dislike that.

Imagine someone that can see past yer outer shell and the face you present to the world and can see what you really are.

So many people in pain at the moment, it's like a blanket of fear has been spread over the good people of the world. Can you no feel it?
There is an imbalance of good and evil in this world but more than that there is fear where fear should not be. 

A dislike for humanity yet a clinical fascination for it. Old Knudsen is a fallen angel standing on the kerb of forever watching the cars and hes looking for the mopeds of praise and validation, mostly from himself.  

The creatures of the shadows have come into yer hoose via the cat flap, man the fuck up and cast them out.


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