Monday, 17 February 2014

Wearing A Rubber

Old Knudsen being the romantic he is was thinking about his future wife, above when an amazing thought came to his mercurial mind.
I can turn one of me many gurlfriends into the spitting image of future wife while I'm still in the process of finding her home address and hacking into her account etc.

Weemen try to change men all the time (it's called marriage) so why not?

After 3 hours on Google I got the closest I could and I think I did pretty well.  She still looks a little shall we say, "unintelligent" so I'll have to get her a pair of glasses that scream, 'look at me, I'm a hooker with 10 degrees, I could call myself Dr Randy Annie if I wanted to.'   

Keep the dress on lass and if I call you Future wife don't get any ideas, it's role play. 

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