Friday, 14 February 2014

St Valentine, The Saint Of Lonely Losers

As I sit alone with a bottle of regrets and an empty glass of what might have been I drink to you lovers out there.
I'm only alone cos I don't want to be forced by society to buy shit that no one wants. No good Gog fearing Christian would celebrate this filthy pagan event anyway. If you do then burn in Hell ... LOL!

LOL again at yer having to spend money. Some folk say they would never pay for sex, well they do, just not directly.  

So many lucky ones have felt the hairy, seeping pus filled love of Old Knudsen.

But they becum addicted and then you have to cut them loose, or just cut them. Weemen who have been used then rejected by Old Knudsen get all touchy for some reason.

If Old Knudsen has not tapped yer arse yet, don't feel left out, so many stalkers and only the best get chosen. Ach who am I kidding? I'll get around to you someday. Old Knudsen will romantically fuck anything with or without a heartbeat.

There may be a little role play involved, don't go getting all offended, it isn't about politics.

My pics really drive it home about the dangers of yo yo dieting don't they?

  After sex is time for a cup of tea, who the fuck cuddles? .... and why?

I will tell you how much I love you when I'm drunk, trying to get my hole, or both. Everyday is romantic Valentine's day for Old Knudsen.

I hope yer STD results cum in today as that would be a fine (and free) gift for you. Remember, if it isn't lumpy and weeping then it isn't Knudsen.


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