Tuesday, 4 February 2014

My Children Are Not Mine

Lydia Fairchild was a 26 year old woman from Washington state who found herself single, raising two children and pregnant with the third.

She applied for government assistance and came face to face with bureaucracy which loves to make life difficult, at one point she had to take a DNA test to prove she was the mother of her children before they handed out any aid.

Would they have done DNA tests if her kids were white I wonder? 

The father of the children Jamie Townsend who was separated from Fairchild was tested and found to be the father of the kids but Fairchild was not the mother. She was investigated for welfare fraud, claiming benefits for children who are not hers.  

Huh?????? she remembers carrying each of the wee fuckers and her OBGYN, Dr. Leonard Dreisbach remembers delivering them.

When the third sprog was clawing it's way out of her twat and into the world there was a court appointed witness to immediately take blood samples of mother and child. They didn't match up.

DNA samples from her skin and hair didn't match the kids, a sample from a cervical smear did.

Fairchild was carrying two sets of DNA, she was her own twin.

She was a  CHIMERA!

A fierce beast from Greece that is seen as an omen of danger such as storms or shipwrecks, it's fiery breath can melt lead and make yer bacon really crispy. 

Upon Fairchild's identity having been found out she turned into her true form and attacked the judge, she was killed in a hail of bullets by police officers.  To learn more about chimerism her children were dissected by experts in this field.

It's very rare and people who are a chimera usually never find out, they may have different coloured eyes and of course the whole breathing fire thing. 

Just think about the implications on how this almost unknown condition could of had and still have on evolution. Evolution that is thought to take thousands of years in order to make small changes but could happen sooner if these glitches are more common or were more common.  Scientists know fuck all and change their stories with every new discovery.

Many evolutionary changes are glitches such as blue eyes and white skin, nature loves to throw out glitches to humans on a regular basis, autism is a favourite right now. 

We have always done research through the maternal line because in theory you should always be able to know who yer mother is ..... right? 


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