Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Mohammad Ali Is Dead

 No not this draft dodging cunt. I don't have a picture of the real one.

In Shahapur, India, a bloke entered a garden to rape a woman cos he knew her husband was away.

Mohammad Ali aged  32, tried to violate the woman Monday morning but soon found out that she was not in the mood, and was not a morning person.

A typical Indian man with rapey eyes.

The woman beat him to death with a brick. Ka - Chow! fuck face have a brick to the head. Her husband was the caretaker of the garden that belonged to a physician and had given his wife this anti- rape device because ...... well it's India, and it worse than Alaska and DerryLondonDerry put together.

Killing someone with a brick can be difficult but if you know the sweet spot on the head then just a moderate smack will cause the head to explode.

Old Knudsen has been selling bricks and half bricks for years as they are a valuable part of rioting culture, being an expert on rape he broke into the self defence market. His cheap prices and high quality, together with an easy to use product has made him as famous throughout the third world as yer man Mikhail Kalashnikov who made something too.

Each anti-rape device cums with directions and the best place to use it against an attacker, so yer woman no doubt read them.   

The housewife was arrested but I'm sure she'll get off ..... unlike Ali who will never get off again.

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