Sunday, 2 February 2014

Men Are Not Beasts Of The Field

Tv presenter Jon Snow has been either blasted as being creepy or hailed for being honest because he said, "sex comes into every evaluation of a woman" meaning that when men meet weemen for the first time they may think about sexy things .....

He says that "sex is a natural animal instinct." and  "it's natural for men to think of all women as potential sexual partners."

Yeah right. So I put two pictures of my future wife (she still hasn't gotten back to me yet) fully clothed wearing super intelligent glasses and I must say that sex does in no way cum to mind when I look at her.
Nope, what I'm thinking about is if she has a really nice personality and if she shares my love of badger baiting.  

She is so going to suck my cigar.

Away an fuck Mr Snow, you illegitimate bastard of Ned Stark, we men are not just uncontrollable walking erections, keep it in the cage ya durty shite. 

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