Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Manipulation From Above

Old Knudsen used to think ..... As explained by a pilot.  Contrails (also called Chemtrails) are formed when humid jet exhaust condenses into ice crystals in the cold, dry, upper-level air ­ it’s not unlike the fog that results when you exhale on a cold day. Contrails are clouds, you could say. Water vapor, strange as it might sound, is a byproduct of the combustion within jet engines, which is where the humidity comes from.

Whether a contrail forms is contingent on altitude and the ambient atmospheric makeup - mainly temperature and something known as vapour pressure.

To put it into conspiracy theory nut speak, you have warm things flying in the cold sky and particularly during times of humidity they make create more fluffy things than usual that hang in the air until blown away.
Just like during cold weather,  flu germs linger in the air and on door handles for longer. Did you think that cold weather gave you flu? wise the fuck up. 

Then you add the idiot human factor. People who live in dry climates, who never look up to notice the flight path they live under then suddenly when the seasons or the weather changes they notice contrails, 'huh, I ain't never seen those befur, must be the government' .... much like people who don't get much snow and who try to burn it and are surprised when there is less water than they thought there would be, much like a helicopter landing in a jungle amongst a tribe who have never seen one before or yon Africans who moved to Europe and had never seen stairs in houses before.


Unfortunately they can set up Facebook accounts and even .................... blogs. 

Here is where Old Knudsen feels a touch of embarrassment.

Just to prove all the red flag crisis actor spotters wrong Old Knudsen flew up into the contrails for some science like investigation.

They were right! A chemical has been sprayed into the air (probably by alien overlords) to promote human breeding.
You probably know of this program but just didn't realise how insidious it was. Aliens are in control of teenagers and excrete a hormone so overwhelming that breeding is the only option.

Just like other alien run schemes like the Catholic church and the GOP and the fucking DUP they want lots of tasty babies to be born for an all you can eat interstellar slave race buffet.

Or for those who do not speak English.

We are higher beings, not some kind of animal that only thinks about sex and defecating.

Even those who do not buy these awful smelling spray on hormones we are affected by the black oops planes spraying our air.
Old Knudsen himself cannot look at the above picture without thinking about hot lunches and monkey lovin.

Even the birds of the air can't help at being so horny that they dive in front of cars and get splatted cos they have one thing on their mind, fucking and pooping on yer head.  Why are there so many mosquitoes?  .... it's the chemicals in the air you fools.

Kill teenagers and stop breathing are the only options, teens can tell when their evil chemicals are not working on people, hence the knockout game so watch yerself.  The NSA Newborn Sucking Aliens are already monitoring us and drooling over yer Facebook baby pictures .... which I'd advise you to stop posting.


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