Saturday, 1 February 2014

Hairy Vadge Or Not A Hairy Vadge? That Is The Question

Americans are a wonderful people, they like to put it out there while we British shake our heads and tut. Repression is the norm for us, Gog bless you Queen Victoria .... even though she was a total freak in the sack.
American Apparel put bush on their shop window dollies, maybe hairy nosed guy mannequins are next. Will Barbie stop hacking off her thatch? 

Is the bush back? Is the Sasquatch look sexy? do we even know what sexy is anymore or are others just going to call you a pervert because that is how we've been trained to think?  If Old Knudsen had a dollar for every time he was called a pervert he'd be rich, even with the crappy dollar to pound exchange rate.
A pervert is someone who will do what you won't.  

A pretty lass with nicely plucked eyebrows with some brown, blonde barbie doll wanna be.

Research student Emer O’Toole went hairy for a year to battle those artificial gender norms, I loved her 'get yer pits out for the lads' comment though the presenter 'Eamon Holmes the fat Northern Ireland cunt who is a dickhead in real life' didn't just laugh at it he 'had' to say "it's not lads you are getting them out for it's women" ... aye whatever, just laugh ya twat it was funny. Watch it, it'll will explain what I want to get out there and may make you think ..... something that daytime TV is not known for.

Is Miss Greece 2010 hawt or nat!

Any excuse to post about my favourite topic
Old Knudsen likes shaved arm pits on weemen and soft smooth legs cos weemen should be what men are not, soft and smooth. Boobies are not hairy and I LOVE the boobies.

I like weemen to have a hairy muff but for the love of Gog trim it a little. 

Why do we like weemen shaved? It's because pedos have run the world for centuries, also back in the day fucking whatever was acceptable.  The leap to finding children sexy to some is still a short one reinforced by society norms.

Sexualising  children is fucking disgusting, dressing them up as tramps, dancing to Single ladies is wrong on so many levels. Just put yer child on and be done with it. 

Nice and hairless like a child ..... shaven twats make Old Knudsen think about this and kills his mood. Shaven cunts are fucking itchy, seeing a woman getting stuck in there is as unsexy as seeing a man getting stuck into scratching his sweaty balls..... well I don't find that sexy, pulling out wedgies is hot though, especially if skid marks are involved. 

Muff Pubes aid with the friction of sex and so are a little more important than armpits. 

Madonna was hot in the 80's for five minutes until I saw her pits.     

This subject conflicts Old Knudsen because weemen shave and put make up on because society have told them that is what you should be doing. Aye they may say "I do it for myself" but thats because they are conditioned to do it and are used to it .... Gog forbid you'd incur the wrath of peer pressure when 50 year old barbie doll look a likes sneer doon their noses at you.   My man likes me this way .... funny since you've never asked him.  

Yes I'm sure he really wants yer finger nails as long and useless as that because he loves to think about the dirt and germs you harbor under them while you cook his dinner that has to be on the table by 6pm.  
Nails long enough to scratch backs during sex but short enough to clean the shit out of when you wipe yer arse.  

At the same time Old Knudsen likes armless arm pits and legs and to give yer minge a hair cut. A short back and sides not a landing strip or tiny soul patch. 

You should be able to do what the fuck you want with yer own body but if you can't sell yer body (or parts) kill yer body when you please, eat trans fats or have whatever medical procedure you want then you are in no way free. If the law don't get you then peer pressure of what is socially acceptable will. 

If you don't shave then fine, Old Knudsen may still tap you after a few drinks, don't worry fat chicks,  chicks with dicks and makeup less ladies you are in Old Knudsen's sights drunk or sober or high cos he ain't that shallow. 
If you love someone already and they decide to go hairy then I doubt THAT will make you love them any less but if it's someone you don't know, well no one is forcing you to ask them out. 


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