Friday, 14 February 2014

DUP Voters Need Brain Transplants STAT!

Northern Ireland health minister Edwin Poots is being blasted in the local media .... again. This time it's not for his bigotry against turd burglars or for his usual level of incompetence.

Ok I lied it is for his usual level of incompetence. Poots promoted getting people to make living organ donations but started stalling new bills about consent after death.  Should the NHS just presume there is consent to harvest organs if the dead have no sign of an opt out ?

Wales will have the presumed consent going through in 2015 but Poots wants more consultation on it, meanwhile 15 people a year die in Northern Ireland waiting for transplants.

Fuck em, no alcoholic is getting my liver but if this is what you are into then fine. I think they should make clones, use prisoners or grow parts of people to keep up with demand but thats just me.

Saying one thing and doing another is standard DUP tactics, maybe he wants to make sure that straight Christian people don't get a homosexual organ put into them without their consent, aye like they would mind.  #Orangorderprisonghey.
Maybe Mr Poots has a friend who needs money and wants to hire them as a consultant. Not as if that doesn't happen all the time.

Either shit or get off the pot Mr Poots, yer playing with people's lives here. Emergency wards close all the time, there is a shortage of doctors and the waiting times for healthcare have doubled since we had direct rule from London, aye yer doing well.

The Philippines always have a ton of new doctors to hire, they don't mind working for crappy NHS wages if you help with their immigration, we have Filipino nurses in the NHS but won't hire doctors.

The nurses are usually better trained and work harder than most UK doctors but the wrong color I suppose.

I'm sick of people saying how Poots has to go, aye put Nelson McCauseland or another bigoted cunt in his job. NO! we need to stop concentrating on the DUP arsewipes and instead...

Tell the morons who vote them in to wise up.

How stupid and full of hate do you have to be to vote DUP?  If you vote DUP then you are telling the world what a backwards hillbilly you are proud to be.
If you vote DUP then you aren't as open minded as you pretend to be and certainly not someone to trust.
You vote DUP out of bigoted fear, you fear of what the alternative is and so you stick to yer own kind of people.

This is how Hitler got into power, because of wank stains like you.

Hey DUPers, imagine voting for a party that promotes equality and education for all, no matter what religion you were raised around or what gender you prefer to shag..... aye a little too opened minded for you.

If you vote DUP you are saying that the Flegging Loyalists are right and Catholics and weemen need to remain as second class citizens.
The men who vote DUP are self righteous mammy's boys who use the bible and the way things have always been as a way to be/appear superior, they really don't like change as equality shows them to be not as special as their mammy said they were.

Weemen who vote DUP know their place, if their husband gives them the odd slap and orders them to behave like this, don't talk to these people and get in yon kitchen and make a sandwich then they are stupid enough to think they don't deserve to be treated any better.

Men and weemen are people, you need to treat them as people and not as Protestant, Catholic, black, white, male, female, young or old.

If they are idiots and offensive then they have opted out of being people and need to be treated as a fucktard.

Stupid people offend Old Knudsen as they keep things in the past just as much as the thick necked paramilitaries do.  Don't be stupid, think about yer actions and yer words, it's not them and us so stop acting like a scared paranoid pussy .... it's just us, all of us.



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