Monday, 17 February 2014

David Cameron Makes Me Wet

Guess what happens when you build on a flood plain, don't enclose the rivers in concrete and don't dredge them ..... aye yer carpet gets a little damp when it rains.

Don't worry cos you voted in a very capable leader who really cares. If you vote conservative then just kill yerself and anything that was born from yer loins. Never mind policies, Cameron and his peeps are cunts you can tell it a mile away.

UKIP are just as bad. UK politics are deadly boring and full of lying cunts, at least in the U.S. they put on a show as they tell you how fucked up you are.

The thing is that even with all this water, there will probably be a hosepipe ban in the summer. Take the posturing out of politics and give the job to people who don't want it, then we might not be quite as fucked as we are now.

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