Sunday, 2 February 2014

Asstastic Sunday

Sunday already, which means all the Christians will be going to church and ogling the kiddies all the while hearing their leader speaking of how they are the chosen ones. 

I can just hope that they stumble upon my Sunday posts and realise that adults can be just as sexy as little children.... if not more.

Today Old Knudsen is thinking about bums, bottoms, arses and butts. He thinks about these a lot for some reason as someone has to. 
I also share my life by posting pictures of some of the people I cum across .... sometimes they have arses.

A nice bum can be yer only saving grace especially if yer deformed or ginger or something.

Men have butts also, they sometimes converse with them, when he makes a butt burp he may say something like, "good arse I thought you were dead."

Crack is not whack, the Irish are obsessed with butt cracks, they always go on about the good crack.   


The best thing about bums are that unlike tits you can usually get away with checking out a fine arse unless you draw attention to yerself by masturbating and cheering .... not a good idea.

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