Friday, 31 January 2014

The Only Thing I Want To Hear Are My Enemies Dying

The Skainos centre in East Belfast is the place where Prods go to learn the Irish language ..... if they wanted too. It's supposed to be a place where cultures meet and talk.

Yesterday it was holding an event called Listening to Your Enemies which feautred the 1984 Brighton bomber, Patrick Magee who tried to blow up Margret Thatcher and her party for the IRA .

Nothing says united Ireland like blowing people up. How did that work out for you?

As well as that cunt bag, there was also Jo Berry who lost her father Sir Anthony Berry in the bomb.

I couldn't sit there with him but luckily I didn't have to.

A Loyalist mob of about 50  smashed police land rover windows, threw half bricks and yelled abusive things as Loyalists do. In the scuffle 4 officers were hurt but hey they took lots of video of the bad ones .... such a lame police force.

It's very ironic that the event was called Listening to Your Enemies, what was the point to it I wonder?
When you blow up and kill 5 people and wound a further 34 then why the fuck should anyone have to listen to you?
He still defends his role in the blast, but he has expressed remorse for the loss of innocent lives, ach thats nice of him.
He didn't like the governments stance on the death of the IRA hunger strikers. What is there to like about covering yer cell walls with shit and refusing to eat?  Their choice, just like blowing innocent people up was Magee's choice.

East Belfast community worker Jim Wilson was called a traitor as he left the event, that hurt his feelings.
He had gone in to confront Magee about the Republican role during the Troubles and totally supported protesting and defending yer different view.

After leaving and facing verbal abuse and having bricks bounce off his car he may have to re-think that.
 "I was so hurt about what happened last night, because I have been working with this community for 40 years."

Loyalists and Fleggers will turn on their own in an instant, most people here would .... probably their Scottish blood.

The next event to be held there will be a collection of religious leaders called, let me explain why I molest children a good family event with free tea and coffee.

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