Monday, 20 January 2014

The Flegs Of Our Fathers


A Japanese soldier Hiroo Onoda had refused to surrender after World War II ended and spent 29 years in the jungle fighting on.

He died last week in Tokyo aged 91 ....during a snow boarding accident.

Living in the jungle on Lubang Island near Luzon, in the Philippines, he surveyed military facilities and skirmished with locals.
Onoda a lieutenant had orders not to surrender and you know Japs, fucking nuts they are. Onoda and three other soldiers continued their war, cut off from the rest of the Japanese army.

One of the other soldiers emerged from the jungle in 1950 and the other two died, one of them in a 1972 clash with local troops. 

Attempts to find him were seen by Onoda as a trick to capture him and leaflets air dropped were filled with mistakes and so he thought it was an American ploy. Oh no, you aren't fooling this intelligence officer who was also a grammar Nazi it seems.

An intelligence officer in the military, a total oxymoron. 

He was ordered to conduct guerrilla warfare and not to die, which he did for 29 years. He was only convinced to come out of the jungle when his old commanding officer went to the island to cancel those orders.
"I became an officer and I received an order. If I could not carry it out, I would feel shame. I am very competitive."

The Jap hive mind was very powerful with no room for initiative. The method of shaming and public humiliation is still used by managers on employees in order to get them to resign. 

When Onoda returned to Japan he was greeted as a hero. Of course those back on Lubang didn't consider him a hero considering he had killed 30 people there in his 29 years of private war.  Imagine being killed because Onoda was a fanatic, it's bad enough during war but when it's over? After Onoda had surrendered his sword he was pardoned for the killings by the then Philippine president, Ferdinand Marcos.

Northern Ireland has it's own idiot fanatics who yell, "No surrender" and continue to do harm after the war has ended. Of course like Onoda there is always eventually surrender, voluntary or not. It's better to surrender on yer terms than having no choice I would have thought.

The Haass talks here has Obama, Cameron and whoever is in charge of (real) Ireland talking about ganging up on the Flegger parties. You should all surrender before yer ass fucked into surrender ... just sayin like. 

So stubborn, pig headed and even afraid to stop doing what they know, maybe it's a fear of change as some people cannot change.
When they haven't had anything better they come to believe that this is as good as it gets and do not expect better

Shoichi Yokoi was also a soldier who was found on the island of Guam in 1972. Yokoi had dismissed reports of the war’s end as Allied propaganda until he was caught by two hunters. On his return to a hero’s welcome in Japan, Yokoi said, “It is with much embarrassment, but I have returned.”  Stupid cunts, the lot of them. 

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