Friday, 24 January 2014

Spoof Play No Way

I have been trying to tell ya this for years but oh no, you know better.  The DUP banning a spoof play The Bible The Complete Word of God (abridged) because they have decided it's offensive and blasphemous .... takes you back to the field with Rhianna doesn't it?

Put some clothes on, Gog made Adam and Eve fully clothed.
The rest of the world barely hears anything or knows anything about Northern Ireland because it's sooo tiny and insignificant but they do hear about this kind of shit.

The Protestant Caleb Foundation or Caliban as it has been called are the enemy of Northern Ireland, as are their other religious sister groups, all full of DUP Presbyterians and Creationists who want to rule as Old testament Gog intended.
When the Protestant leaders of Ulster can't agree on anything else with the Catholic leaders except that abortion is wrong cos the Bible hints in that direction then you know we are a backwards Gog fearing, superstitious, why can we not marry siblings, paranoid, drunken, uneducated arse wipe of a province run by bigoted idiots from the 19th century. 

If you can't have comedy and satire but sectarian rhetoric is fine then you know that we are not a free cuntry. To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.

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