Saturday, 4 January 2014

Sextortion Is A Great Way To Meet Women

Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf talking about hoose work and breast size.
First of all let me ask the question, 'who the fuck wants to see pretty young weemen naked?' ..... oh yeah, 98.3% of men .

If this is indeed a 'man's world' then why hasn't it becum law for weemen to get their junk out as a public service of sorts? oh you can say thats objectifying weemen and treating them like lust cattle ... look at the picture above, we do that anyway.

Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf  aged 19 wants you to judge her on her appearance but when Jared James Abrahams also 19 who went to the same school as her hacked into the camera of her computer, she was outraged.

Mixed signals anyone? 

Just like when a pretty gurl smiles at you in the street but when you follow her, asking where she lives and if shes ever modeled naked she gets all outraged and calls the peelers ..... Can weemen not take compliments or what? fucking issues huh. 

Cassidy gets most of it out anyway, why should we be denied seeing her picking her nose and applying hemorrhoid cream ?  ya know, all that sexy stuff weemen do.

Well ok, Abrahams did send her e-mails saying he'd publish the pics he had all over her own social media sites putting an end to her modelling career.

Miss Teen USA Ohio winner

 Miss Teen USA Ohio winner Melissa King had some explaining to do earlier last year.

 Jared James Abrahams not looking creepy at all.

Abrahams demanded that Wolf send him naked photos of herself in exchange for him not giving out the naked photos he had ..... is he really that dumb? 

He said, 'First we kill the Batman then I want to see pictures of your muff .... of course I already have pictures of it .... I just want to see it again, or make a video for me or do what I want on Skype for 5 minutes.' 

He had 8 others he was doing this to also. Abrahams is said to be autistic but who knows? Is that an excuse or just something to take into account when they sentence him to up to 11 years in prison? 

Being autistic means that he has to try a little harder .... oh and stop being such a little shit. 

Miss Teen USA Ohio winner
It seems that cameras in hi-tech TV's can be hacked into as well as other security systems you may have .... there are very little places you can be private anymore.

How to avoid this:  Change all passwords to something really difficult like 'password1' delete cookies and any other baked goods you may have and do what any sensible person does. Put tape over yer computer's camera when not using it.

Of course you do have to be careful who you send yer titty pics to .... Old Knudsen is 100% trustworthy.

Unless you becum a bit more famous like actress Kat Dennings here cos then yer fair game ... sorry lass but such beauty needed to be shared, and me rent was due.   



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