Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sex On Sundays Not Religion

Did ya miss the hot weemen last week? Well Old Knudsen was in the middle of a week long Christmas sex fest and so was a little busy .... see what happens when you wash it.
Did the Christians not having any naked adults to look at go take it out on the children? Fuck religion, that shit really messes with yer head.
What a lovely smile this lady has, turn ye away from yer sinful ways and fuck consenting adults. Jesus never had such great access to hotties like this so don't follow his example.
Dog backwards is god but a dog is more likely to roll in shit and lick it's parts than condemn you to an eternity of suffering so it makes more sense to get a dog than a god.

Is that what a real man is supposed to look like? ~ Tyler Durden Fight Club.
One of the worse pictures I've ever seen, can you get anymore of a less flattering pose?
Something sweet to finish with and almost too perfect to be real.

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