Monday, 27 January 2014

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served With Chips

I bet you didn't know that you hated this guy, hes Hunter Moore and he isn't just a fat headed guy with a really dumb name hes the guy that set up which was a site where dumped people send private pictures of their ex, complete with name, phone numbers and addresses for revenge.
Moore became known as the king of Revenge Porn.

While many guys will think, 'hmmm I get to see real chicks naked against their consent and with their personal details, this kinda goes with my guilty pleasure of having rape fantasies. '  ...... It isn't right!

Donna Armstrong, from 17 Putford Green, Harlow in Essex ..... England doesn't think it's right either , maybe she shouldn't of had that one night with her ex in retaliation for Old Knudsen's drug fueled week long bender of orgies and ritual murder..... weemen huh, sooo touchy, men just need to blow off some steam from time to time you know what they are like ....  boys will be boys and various other cliched excuses for being a cunt.

Think about the harm it does, not only as a breach of trust but to have all these hairy nosed guys seeing yer baps or vadge and even calling you up and knowing where you live ..... a lot of weirdos out there people, Old Knudsen sees them hanging around outside of yer hoose when hes stalking you.  

Think twice before you sext, if you trust the person now you might have a falling out next week when you find out yer honey bunny is flirting with anything in a skirt, then all the trust is gone and that person you thought you knew is back to being a stranger and one that you don't particularly like.

You can go on about hell hath no fury like a woman scorned all you like but men ....... we ain't too bright at times and will do and say hurtful things without thinking them through or what damage they will cause or even what our punishment will be.

Trolling such as this has been attributed to a number of suicides. The voice of reason in our heads think that it's only the Interweb, it isn't important, it's not like someone actually standing in front of you calling you a durty hoor of Babylon and that yer better off dead.

Bullying can take many forms and online can be just as hurtful. Why would you do this to me .... how could you do this to me?

Moore doesn't give a shit hes making money. A woman contacted him to get naked selfie pictures of her daughter removed alleging they were from her account which was hacked, Moore replied.

"I'm sure she sent the pictures to a million different guys and just ended up on my site just like everybody else."

Like yer usual bully type, Moore then tried to justify himself and said.

"I'm sorry that your daughter was cyber-raped. But, I mean, now she’s educated on technology."

A 27 year-old with a view of weemen as

Something like this.

It's them and us, you trick them into having sex with you by not being yerself. A total lack of respect and Old Knudsen doesn't see how any woman would think it a good idea to have sex with this guy, unless it was their job. 
Maybe the bullies told you that you don't deserve better, or if you just like to fuck (which some weemen actually do) tap into yer instinct, intuition and commonsense. Just out of prison, says he didn't do it ... ach hes so nice and polite I'll give him the benefit of the doubt . Bad boys with a heart of gold are usually just bad boys 90% of the time


Hey Hunter lad, I'm sorry you were prison raped but hey, at least yer now educated on the prison pecking order.

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