Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Obama Hates Sick People

 Homeland motherfucking security nigga!

Obama wants to impose more regulations for gun control, the  new regulations are aimed at clarifying restrictions on gun ownership for the mentally ill and building a database used for background checks before firearm purchases.

Details on what actually constitutes being mentally ill have not been given yet but there is plenty of room for misinterpretation which is what all governments like. 

Mental health advocates are worried that people in need of mental health care will avoid getting it so they don't end up on a Fed database. 
Will it get so that those being treated for depression won't be able to buy guns?  I'm sorry but depressed people and those with aspergers are just not allowed the same rights that others have. 

Yer parents put you into a mental hospital for a weekend when you drank all the vodka in the house and went a little whacky and they panicked  ... database for you even though that was 15 years ago and you haven't had any problems since.  

Nicely alienating most of the population there. Maybe yer just doing this to sell more guns cos all these arguments just make folk buy more and more weapons in case they actually do get banned. Getting any kickbacks from all these increased firearms sales?

I have a better idea Mr Obama. Most gun crime in the US happens within the black community so lets just stop black people from buying guns and put them on a database ..... What do you mean thats insulting? It's not their fault they are black. 

No wait a minute, the majority of gun crimes are committed by males, lets stop males from buying guns. Lets put them on a database and watch them closely for wanting to buy guns in the first place, maybe even hack their e-mails. 
Just give us an excuse to investigate you, go on I dare you. 

Old Knudsen doesn't trust this admin and doesn't think that denying the rights of some people and putting them onto a list will help anyone. This just opens more doors in ways to twist and abuse the law in order to get all or at least some of yer original agenda achieved.  


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