Thursday, 30 January 2014

McCain's Micro Chips

Over the past year the UK and much of Europe have been following the example of the U.S. and have been taking advantage of the flu vaccination shot in order to also micro chip your child at the same time.

Last year was the first time that a coordinated effort was made right across the board to have all primary school children aged 4 - 10 vaccinated against the flu. The consent form that parents signed also vaguely mentioned MCI3R  like you should know what it was already. WTF people, if they are going to have parents sign off on micro chipping they should at least say the words 'oh and MCI3R is the micro chipping implant for children' ........ unless you were trying to pull a fast one.

Wherify Wireless UK joined up with the NHS and the board of education to make this happen. They were the ones who took out the poll in 2010 that showed 75% of parents were for the RFID tags that could pin point the whereabouts of yer child within a few feet of their position. Numerous charities lashed out against this idea but I guess they just weren't asked this time around.

Parents can even go online and check on the movements of their kids, pretty cool huh. All tracking information contained on something the size of a grain of rice, just like animal micro chipping, done in a flash.

Sure it may keep children safe and reassures parents but there is a matter of privacy when that child becomes an adult. Police won't have to stop you for I.D. they can just point a scanner at you and certain people can be flagged as soon as they enter an airport.

Old Knudsen carries his passports in a shielded bag as information from the chips in them can be taken without you knowing it.

I'm just surprised there wasn't more about this when it came out. The flu season just happens to be really bad and they just happen to she short on the nose drops. The only nose drops given out were for those already chipped that had problems getting the chips supplied.

In a move to appear more conservative and less liberal, Senator John McCain has been the champion for micro chips and started the program in several Arizona school districts. The program should be completed in the U.S. in 2018.

If you did not receive the booklet about the chip then check yer child's shoulder or where they recently got the jab to see if there is something hard just under the skin. I suspect that many are getting this done without even knowing about it, can every little thing be put doon to government incompetence and lack of transparency?   


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