Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Children Are Stupid

The child had a face that only a mother could love .... That says it all about most parents, even the bullet headed wee blonde fuckers who run around with snot caked onto their lips beating against trees with a metal bar, aye even many of those wee mean little cunts have some form of love in their lives.

Old Knudsen was in a grocery store where they had a wall full of pictures drawn by children. There was a proud mother with her child (probably named Ashley) and they were pointing out lil Ashley's contribution just loud enough for everyone around to notice.

I looked at yon pictures and what a load of fucking shite! aged 6 indeed, yer child is drawing at the level of a retarded squirrel thats high on varnish fumes.
No need to stand there looking all proud I suspect little Ashley has lead based paint in her room, for fucks sake children are useless morons these days.

Get a fucking job ya sponger! wah wah wah I'm only 6 years old I'm soo helpless. When Old Knudsen was 6 years-old he had 4 jobs.

He'd get up before dawn (she was a lazy fucker) and he'd work doon pit mining diamonds then he'd go to the factory that made model factories then he'd go to his job as a tea boy to the workers building sky scrapers, never forget the sugar, it's a long climb and as the sun went doon he worked as a pimp making sure those dumb bitches got him his money or he'd cut them.

Don't make excuses for them, when Old Knudsen was a kindergarten teacher he made those fuckheads re-do their finger paintings if he thought it lacked emotion or depth and I bet those children ... the ones who survived the mass suicide pact appreciated Old Knudsen's candor .

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