Friday, 3 January 2014

Brain Trust Sells Brains

David Charles a 21 year-old brainiac stole 60 jars of brain and other human tissues from a warehouse at the Indiana medical history museum. The brains were from autopsies performed on mental patients in the 1890's.
Instead of steaming the brains, putting them into a blender to mush up and then into a jar to fuck, Mr Charles sold them online .... what a fucking weirdo.     

A middleman sold them on eBay even though eBay has company policy against listing human bits for sale but thats where they sold them.
Old Knudsen usually gets his slice of human flesh on Craigslist .... and not just live nude hookers.

Aye it looks like this lad needs all the brains he can get.

Selling macabre items can be quite lucrative, Old Knudsen sold one of his larger warts that hes had for over 80 years for $30, it was bought as a gift to be used as a paper weight.


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