Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Bird Brained Pope

First you had Justin Bieber spitting doon onto fans from his hotel balcony and now you have Pope Francis encouraging children to throw live animals out from an upstairs window. Not a very good example and what the fuck? do priests and the like have children on tap? 

The Pope hoped that by throwing animals out of a windie this would somehow bring peace to the troubled Ukraine with it's anti-government protests. If it's black magic yer doing try throwing one of the kids out, you can't use the gurl for anything, throw her out. 

Mine mine mine. 

The Pope who was named after St Francis of a see saw often throws out chips and bits of bread for the birds so it wasn't any surprise that the local crows and seagulls of Satan! thought he was throwing out some little ghey doves as a snack. 

Don't worry the doves escaped and went on to live a long and happy life  .....  no not really. 

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