Saturday, 21 December 2013

Would The Real Ian Watkins Please Stand Up

 Ian Watkins thinks that raping babies and young gurls is 'mega lolz. ' Someone thinks it's funny too going by this tat.... what a loser, both of them that is. 

Remember people, when you beat a pedo to death or target them for some online vile bile make sure you have the right one. Bijan Ebrahimi an Iranian born man who lived in Bristol had been taking pictures of vandals who were fucking with his hanging baskets.
Police took him in for questioning and there was a rumour around the housing estate where he lived that he was a pedo taking pics of children.

Well he fitted the bill, not married, had learning disabilities and loved to garden and care for his cat ..... oh and he wasn't quite white, thats the most important thing.

Bijan was beaten and dragged out of his home and set on fire by a two man justice team. He died despite being totally innocent.

Now for the main event of this post. Near Bristol is Wales coincidence? I think not (Hellmouth). The lead singer of  the Welsh band called the Lostprophets has been charged with 13 child sex offenses. He used his fame (apparently he had some in the UK) to get besotted fans to send him video of them torturing their children and getting them to agree to let him rape them such as an 11 month old child and a high school gurl.

The peelers had reports about Watkins since 2008 but because he was a star they didn't do anything except threaten the accusers with charges of harassment ..... oh c'mon Old Knudsen hadn't heard of this cunt until he was named as a pedo, this is the same cunty with a ton of so-called stars from reality shows ..... that isn't a star, a star is James Cagney, Bette Davis, Cary Grant, Harrison Ford, George Clooney, Brad Pitt etc etc ...... someone you don't have to ask, "who is that?"

There is a funny side to Watkins raping babies but not in the mega lolz way that he describes his actions.
Ian Watkins otherwise nicknamed 'H' for hyper is Welsh, hes a ghey pop singer and his picture was used by mistake by an American online news site, E! Online .... for fuck sake! can you not get our minor celebs right?   
I'm gonna say it, all Welsh people look the same, call me racist or Welchist but they do... and they get on as if they are from Hemet .... aye lets do meth then do some kiddies.

 See, you can't tell the difference can you?
FUCK!!!! Pedo Joaquin Phoenix, is up for Lex Luthor role in the next Superman movie, well they did go all Superman is Jesus with the first film so I bet they want someone to get on like Satan for the next film.

The real Ian Watkins can spend his 29 years in lockup worrying about getting a shiv just for being famous. He has shown no empathy, no sympathy or any remorse. Homeland Security and Interpol are also investigating to get a real number of how many victims there are as Watkins traveled a lot. 

29 years of free healthcare, free room and board while welfare benefits on the outside get cut for people who aren't pedos.

Ask yer local MP to push the bringing back of hanging ..... austerity measures we can get behind.  

The man with binoculars or with a camera probably isn't a pedo but in the UK plebs go apeshit over rumours, the one with the white van cruising around schools is a fav for the unwashed mob. If they aren't trying to steal kids then it's dogs.

Old Knudsen suspects that many pedos are in family homes that otherwise look respectable.  Upstanding religious people seem to be main offenders, there has to be a reason why tons of children over here are aggressive fucked up wee shites.


It's the ones with real hate in their hearts that you have to watch out for . Sectarian, racist and homophobic bigots always claim that they are not sectarian or any other form of bigot ..... the real Ian Watkins claims that he is not a pedophile.

Just because you say it doesn't make it true, Old Knudsen judges YOU by yer actions. 


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