Saturday, 14 December 2013

Uncle Gets The Chop .... Suey

 Don't eat or sleep or mow the lawn you just fucks yer uncle all day long.

North Korea is a broken, poverty stricken cuntry with older relatives being on the menu in many households and evil spirits of dead unmarried men twisted into creatures of rage roaming the streets at night and doing poops on front porches and coughing on door handles ...... The whole place is like Hell on Earth.... and they all look the same. 

Kim Jong-un the chubby dictator of North Korea has just executed his uncle Chang Song-thaek, in what has been seen as a power struggle.

Old Knudsen can tell you better. Lil Kim is a cheap fucker and didn't want to send his uncle a Christmas card or buy him a gift, we've all been there.

Hai Karate aftershave is a high luxury item in North Korea which Chang had been getting for years ..... and the ladies love it!

Hai Karate is like cat nip for the weemen, Old Knudsen doesn't dare wear it as he gets so much attention already. 

Old Korean saying: 'Executions are far less expensive than gifts' .... it's a North Korean saying to be exact and it was the late great dear leader Kim Jong-il who was the old North Korean who said it.

What was that you said? North Korea is into Buddhism and Confucianism, not Christianity ....  Good point though there are around 60,000 Christians who won't be celebrating Christmas in the cuntry as Santa would get shot doon.

Anyway Kim Jong-un is a Muslim but does celebrate Christmas because he likes getting presents ..... and because hes a fucking psychopath. 

This truth and insight was brought to you by Old Knudsen, he tells it like it should be. 

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