Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Tom Daley Swims Both Ways

Old Knudsen is happy to report that his gheydar is working perfectly. British diver Tom Daley has gone off the muff diving for a while and has taken up gardening .... up hill gardening.

Gheydar is difficult in the UK as so many males act, speak and dress like flaming homos but claim to not be. Ghey or just English? that is the question. 

Tom Daley seems to be a nice 19 year-old lad and is loved by the population. When he won a bronze medal at the Olympics you would have thought it was a gold the way people were going on about it.
Though some troll did say on Twitter that his dad would be so disappointed in him at only getting a bronze.
His dad died in 2011 of a brain tumour at the age of 40, not an easy thing for a young man to deal with. I'd reckon his dad would be very proud of how hes turned out.

Tom recently admitted on YouTube that hes been dating a man. He says,  "Of course I still fancy girls, but at the moment I've never been happier."

Old Knudsen is quite happy too, always happy to guide a young, firm muscular lad through life .... of course I still fancy gurls er weemen and anything else with a heartbeat as it's totally ghey and quite rude to turn doon sex.

It's hard to find happiness in this world of anger and stupidity but if you find it and it isn't doing anyone any harm you gotta hold onto it by the hips and never let go until yer done. If someone has a problem with that, they can go fuck themselves with a rusty hacksaw.

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