Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Hunger Games, Brought To You By KFC

I have an observation to make, Old Knudsen thinks that Jennifer Lawrence the star of the Hunger game movies has a face that either looks post allergy attack or that she was stung by bees.

Don't get Old Knudsen wrong, if he had a few dozen beers he may very well invite her to the nearest wheelie bin, shes from Kentucky, lets see if she tastes like KFC,  but seriously folks, look at the bake on that.

Old Knudsen was so bored the other night that he finally watched The Hunger Games, lets see what all the fuss is about.
Well done Hunger Games I watched you to the end unlike Twilight which lasted less than 15 minutes.

Didn't mean I liked yon movie. It was a big surprise when her character survived to the end wasn't it?

What a silly idea for a film, go watch The Running Man or Logan's Run they did it far better. Ach it's a movie aimed at teens as they have the power to make their parents spend money. Aye lets market a movie about young people savagely killing each other, we'll have a moral message to balance it out and to get it through of course.

I still remember when Terminator Salvation came out and you'd see loads of Terminator like toys in the toy aisles. Killer cyborgs are for the whole family now, in 1984 The Terminator was rated 18.

Such a slippery slope.

Kids like guns, well done to Kony, yer child soldier ideas were ahead of the times. In a few years child soldiers will be the norm, hey even Lego has gotten violent with superheroes and ninjas. Teach them young.

Just be careful what pictures you put on TV or up on walls as children emulate what they see everyday.

What message are you sending out to the children?

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