Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Future Is Now

It's nearly the end of 2013 and everyone is angry about the wrong things as usual.While you cry about people caught in natural disasters or clinging to existence in Syria, Gaza or Larne, ask yerself this, 'did you not want flying cars then?'

Old Knudsen doesn't forget that smug cunts like this yin promised us mobile phones and personal computers and automatic bank cashiers and flying cars! by the year 2000.

Why do you lie so much BBC?   ..... Old Knudsen knows.

Aye show the people this so they won't want to look like a right wab in their flying vehicle parked in the disabled spots at Tesco because only a cunt would buy one of these. 
No space for yer shopping and only one seat but they cost a fortune and are more environmentally friendly than yer Ford Focus so look at me being all elitist and trendy.  Even my farts smell environmentally friendly in my Lexus turbo hybrid bellend.

I want my flying car of the future which is now to be red and shiny that sends the message, I have a small penis, money to waste and a trophy wife, burn in hell you common scum! I also want to be able to sit in my living room and gaze at it in the driveway while I wank ..... is that too much to ask?

I'll tell you why they kept telling us we'd have flying cars, so they could spend as little as possible on infrastructure.
Ever wonder why new roads take so long to build? It's so that you'll fight any plans to build roads cos you don't want to have to put up with months of diggers, noise and dirt thus saving them money, "ach sure we don't need our road widened, I heard a man in Ballymena was driven insane due to lack of sleep as it took 2 years to build a road outside of his house, we're bound to be getting flying cars any day now don't go inconveniencing us for nothing."

It's all a plan I tell ya . I won't say conspiracy as I don't want to sound like a nutjob.


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