Monday, 9 December 2013

The Coloured Community

 And NO SURRENDER ... unless we change our minds due to the weather.

Many know Flag activist Jamie Bryson as many things, author, sports mascot, benefits cheat, UVF mouthpiece, sectarian bigot and of course an admirer of the late great Adolf Hitler and his policies.

What you may not know him as is a supporter of the coloured community.

   Yer a fine lookin negro wamin, wemin I don't own won't let me near dem.

A caustic wit that could be compared to Oscar ... no maybe Kim Wilde he has never been bested in a battle of verbal sparring .... except for everytime he speaks. He makes Ian Paisley Jr look intellectual.

To quote the man himself:

"Could you imagine if a song was written which mocked the coloured community and then asked for people to donate to charity after having at the others expense? LAD would be the first to 'expose' the racism."

The coloured community ..... any particular colour?  This little pecker necked cracker just stopped short of calling them niggers .... maybe even wogs.  When he was called on it he changed it to black, which isn't much better to be honest but it's a name we honkys think Johnny black chap doesn't mind ... it's not as if we'll meet one in Northern Ireland anyway.

The only time hes probably seen a person of colour  was when they were running for their lives after getting their windies bricked. Ya don't want them sorts moving into Bangor do ya?

You are a nasty mean spirited wee man Jamie, yer also stupid an ugly and yer Ma dresses you funny, Stop trying to out-stupid Willie Frazer you'll never win.

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