Sunday, 15 December 2013

Sunday Sin Appreciation Post

Welcome to Old Knudsen airlines, there are no safety exits or safety words aboard this plane but there are plenty of snakes.
If in event of an emergency put yer head between someones legs and make a new friend.
It's Sunday and as you know Old Knudsen puts up a post full of hot adults in an attempt to lure all the Christian pedos away from the kiddies.
Others can enjoy this too, if you have religious friends then please help them to find their way to something legal.
This beautiful Asian lady is for my friend in need, he requested naked Asian ladies to brighten up his life. Enjoy my Bavarian friend there will be more like this in the future, some might even have dicks if you are lucky.
God wants you to motorboat titties not touch up kiddies .... stop interpreting it's word if yer gonna get it wrong. God told me what humans should be doing and yer not doing it right. I talked God into drowning the world once don't make me do it again.
Here is another for my friend as an hour later you always feel like another.
Why not have an Indian? not sure what tribe shes from though.
Now for some arse, ya know what Old Knudsen hates? .... well he'll tell ya. He hates admiring a lovely ass only to have the woman turn round to reveal a twisted scowling face, smile for fucks sake, you'll never be beautiful but a smile may take the harsh edge off yer looks.... thank fuck for paper bags.
Oh and the gusset part of weemen's panties is Old Knudsen's favourite part, he loves a good scratch and sniff does Old Knudsen. 
That arse cannot be real, yon thong is cutting into it like a cheese cutter and look, she gives you something to read, looks like one of those Asian tattoos that was supposed to say tranquility but really says poptarts or breadbin or something less deep than intended. 
Old Knudsen caters for all types, who doesn't enjoy seeing toys cum to life and bumming their owners? 
Thats yer lot you pedos and other assorted perverts .... or friends as I call them. Hope you find a favourite image today, remember to use force and let yer groin guide yer actions.

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