Thursday, 26 December 2013

Pork Me Up Bitch!

Marks and Spencers, M&S the British pseudo upmarket grocery chain have allowed it's Islamic checkout clerks to refuse to sell alcohol and pork products at their tills.

Only snotty cunts shop there anyway, seriously it isn't anything special but in the UK we have very low standards.
At a time when Muslims are being singled out for being different, M&S treats them differently ... how is that going to go doon?  What about the customers? ya stand there in the line for 10 minutes only to be told you have to queue at another till.... I'll go to another store. 

In the Koran it says not to accept interest, is someone going to really take the piss and say, "sorry I can't accept credit card payments at this checkout." 

This reminds Old Knudsen of the two Catholic nurses who refused to participate with abortions ... and the soldiers who ran to Canada when 9/11 hit so they wouldn't have to fight.

If you can't do a job because of what yer sky fairies say or if yer just not up to it then get another fucking line of work.

What if Northern Ireland had Protestant and Catholic checkouts? ' Sorry mate but you can't buy those fish fingers at this checkout because it's Friday and those Lucky charms and golf balls ..... are you taking the Mick?'


  'Oranges, condoms and glue? fuck away aff to another till.'

Keep yer crazy ass mythology and woo out of yer jobs, it offends me. Tesco have stated that employing people who can't handle certain products doesn't make sense and Sainsburys say that just because people don't eat pork or drink alcohol doesn't mean they can't scan a fucking bottle of beat the wife! .... we aren't asking them to get blootered and have a bacon sarny.
Well ok, I was paraphrasing there a little. 

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