Monday, 2 December 2013

Only The Lonely

The big parade in Belfast on Saturday was very big ..... of course most of those were shoppers but thats besides the point.

What was to be 10,000 Loyalists and 40 bands turning out in support against the Union flag being only flown on designated days and police brutality turned out to be 2 bands and nearly 1,500 supporters, 300 of those were said to have been cardboard cut outs and 800 were flown in by the EDL and other Nazi organisations.

Damp squib

The supporters of the fleggers have wised up and moved on with their lives as this whole issue has been damaging to the Unionist cause and pretty embarrassing. Now those who do not want to be seen as uneducated louts stay home or do their shopping.

Jamie Bryson was there but because he has to keep a low profile being a Welfare benefits cheat he went in disguise as Santa.   It is not clear if Mr Bryson was paid under the table for this appearance or not .... you know what hes like.

As this protest was to highlight police brutality it is worthwhile also highlighting that more police officers have been injured by Fleggers than Fleggers have been injured by police. Two police officers were injured in Flegger brutality during this peaceful protest.   

I believe we are looking towards the end of the Fleggers, like the Republican dissidents they will always be around to cause trouble but no one takes them seriously now.


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