Monday, 23 December 2013

Old Knudsen Is Right Again

Do you read that shit? ... No, but my kids do, they knew about you getting fired before you did, lol. 

For years Old Knudsen has been telling you what a failure you lot are compared to his greatness, here is yet another example for those who think he talks out of his arse.

The story in November was how Obama wanted to explode 3 nukes on American soil but 2 US military generals and 1 Navy admiral stopped him ... oh it's just conspiracy shit or a funny coincidence.    The truth from a previous post  
Old Knudsen said they would lose their jobs quietly so I'm guessing they made waves and wouldn't step doon.
The general in charge of the US Air Force's long-range nuclear missiles, Maj Gen Michael Carey was fired for conduct unbecoming of a gentleman.

 He consumed a lot of alcohol on his trip to Russia and associated with foreign women.

Considering what the NSA have been doing it's a no brainer that Obama will be keeping tabs on his high ranking personnel and detailing anything of importance .... or just making shit up that will stick. 

Old Knudsen himself was almost drummed out of the service because of his love for disco music, you may recall Bee Geegate.... all lies.

Help me get this flag pole up so you can dance around it for me.

Need more evidence? ... US Navy Vice-Admiral Tim Giardina was removed as deputy head of US Strategic Command just before Carey was. He was fired for using counterfeit gambling chips at an Iowa casino..... if you can believe that.

The third General? will he see what they are doing to those two and retire quietly? Will his reputation have to be destroyed too? Or will he pass away in his sleep?

You can choose to believe Old Knudsen or not, he didn't spend centuries in military service and in the intelligence field to talk you civvies into things. It's no his fault you don't have the brain capacity and ability to make those leaps and connections.


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