Monday, 2 December 2013

Odd And Dead

A strange November it was for deaths. The fates seemed to decide that time was up and that was that. Sylvia Browne the woman who claimed she was a physic and made millions out of guessing the names of loved ones died. She was 77 and of course we all wonder if she knew before hand ....  I doubt it. Her death was one of those in which you catch her name on the news and look up and go "oh" no emotional attachment just that you didn't expect to hear it.  

Lewis Collins a British actor of limited range died in his LA home of cancer, he was aged 67. He always played a tough guy capturing all the typical tough guy tells like the raised eyebrow, the flared this is serious nostrils and the mouth shaped like he was sucking on a sweet much like Daniel Craig.

I look at Collins and have always imagined him to be a conceited arsehole type who didn't make it big but might have if he wasn't a dick, that is the impression I get from just looking at him.

One of those celebs who you don't hear of for 20 years until they die. 

Then of course Paul Walker who will now be known as Paul Walker from the fast and the furious franchise .
Walker who was only 40 was the passenger in a Porsche driven by a friend from a charity event. I'm guessing the friend went too fast and might have been showing off when all of a sudden a tree jumped out from no where and killed them both in a mighty fireball.

 Guns don't kill, trees do.

In 2011 Ryan Dunn from that TV show Jackhole also died in a fireball in his Porsche GT ... they blow up when you don't expect them too, what a perfect penis substitute. Dunn killed his male passenger in that crash.

I've not watched a single Fast and furious movie because I know they are shite and I won't. I doubt this little speed bump of one of the main actors dying will slow the franchise it down any, I can only hope, it's not as if anyone else couldn't do that role.  Seven Fast and furious movies  WTF ? Make it into a TV show and call it the Dukes of Hazard for fucks sake.

I imagine that the people who watch them also loved the Expendables and all that shite Jason Statham does ..... shame on you.  

The lesson to learn from Walker's death is that a man with a big shiny red Porsche is probably a dick and might kill you and maybe you should have re-posted that thing on Facebook.

Don't worry Harry Potter and Transformer actors there is no karmic justice from making bad movies, this was just a tragic accident, if there was justice then Nicolas Cage would have died years ago.  


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