Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Loyalists Are Against Charity

Fleggers outside the city hall

Old Knudsen is pissed off.....   There is one thing Old Knudsen can't stand it's bullies and idiots and it seems like hes surrounded by all three. 

You in the know have heard of the Christmas single 'Last December'  for charity put out by LAD  ,it was for the charity group SOSBus NI   is a non-sectarian organization who do food drives and give assistance to the homeless and vulnerable people on the streets of Belfast.

A lovely wee tune set to the tune of Wham's horrible ear-worm hit 'Last Christmas' and used Northern Ireland friendly lyrics instead of the soppy shite that Wham had. It poked gentle fun at the Fleggers but it was for a worthy cause.

Who could possibly have any problem with helping the vulnerable people of Belfast?  

Wha? the Fleggers don't like charity?

The Protestant Coalition  are always trying to scam er collect money and don't forget the money raised for those sent to prison for rioting and for tea and biscuits for the Twat-all protest camp .... where is that money by the way?  Nice fleg, is it new?

SOSBus NI received threats from Fleggers angry at having small cocks and at anything connected in anyway what so ever to LAD.....
What kind of arsehole threatens a charity? ... There has been no condemnation from any Loyalists over this so they must see that as being ok, I bet they hit weemen and molest children too.  They look the type.

SOSBus NI had to decline the offer of a donation but since most of the people who follow LAD
aren't sectarian bigoted cunts, the charity has received many donations from the news of this outrage.

Then you know what the Fleggers did? they blamed LAD for picking that charity and endangering it's workers.

Flegger logic: If you hadn't of picked that charity then we wouldn't of had to threaten them. How dare you put the charity workers in danger by using yer mind control to make us threaten and bully them.

Nat are fault mate, we did do nathin! ..... except threaten a charity out of accepting money because we didn't like where it came from. It should be good honest money from UVF and UDA drug sales.

Can Loyalists get any more stupid?

Why yes they can.

Once the charity single went on sale (to an unnamed charity now) they then contacted the distributors of the single, ya know Amazon, iTunes and Google player and ranted to them about the imaginary political implications (we'll boykat yose with are 10 million brethren and find out where you live and we'll also blame yose the next time we riot)    

So the distributors pulled the song ..... fucking wimps! Old Knudsen has his copy and when he figures out how to use this computer he'll burn it onto some vinyl discs and sell them at the market.

Over this time Old Knudsen has been lied too and has seen the true colours of some when the going gets tough and he is not impressed. Others talk behind his back and the cock sucking cuntbags call him rude names and spy on him.
You have a problem with me then you talk to me ..... otherwise fuck off.  
 Old Knudsen sees all

In the middle of 2012 when Old Knudsen was all alone slagging off flags and paramilitaries before it became trendy, he thought, 'ach why does no one care? ... why are they putting up with this shite?' Then LAD appeared like a white  knight of any color to lift up his weary arm so that he could strike another blow with his mighty sword of justice and wit.

Old Knudsen didn't serve during the Troubles just to have this shit continue. Why have we not moved on Stormont? Why are there still UVF and IRA parades?

At this moment in Northern Ireland you have Dissidents looking for attention with bombs and bullets. You also have Loyalists/Fleggers looking for attention with parades and who can shout the loudest about their human rights being violated.

They are all fuckwits and will fail. They are bullies, thugs and abusers. Their words and actions need to be shown up for what they are as normal decent people should not have to put up with these displays of pissing on territory ..... It has gone on for too long.
 Loyalists train their children to hate and to riot when X-Factor is on.
Old Knudsen stands along side LAD who are one of the few good guys in this struggle for a non-sectarian Northern Ireland where people don't get on like retarded junkie monkeys on the drink.

Some may accuse us of all sorts of things, .... yer not Prod enough or yer not Taig enough or you didn't go hard enough on yon Flegger you were slagging off, you deleted my comments, yer scamming money from people, you put up a Facebook page telling everybody who it is attacking the charity single blah blah blah.... 

I've realised over the years that those who accuse you are usually guilty of what they accuse you off .... fucking cycle of abuse dude and the tyres are flat.

How many fucks do I give? ...... answers on a postcard to YER MA!

The lyrics of Last December

It's been a year of flag protests and it has produced nothing but embarrassment and failure, these scumbags do not deserve my flag . Children have a tantrum when they can't get something they want so grow the fuck up and stop being an obstacle towards progress and how about some grace and dignity while yer at it.

If ya don't want to donate to charity then don't do it, just don't be a total cunt about it.  

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