Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Have A Flegger Christmas

This is me Jamie Bryson wishing you all a Merry Christmas. I know you all wanted to see this and you probably all want to see me elected to a place of power. The platform I'm standing on is as an Anti-Agreement Ulster Protestant.  I don't really have any answers or anything new to add so I'll just say the adults are all wong.

Vote for me in the new year in the 2014 European elections cos a vote for me means  ..................... 

Have a safe Christmas .... if you can, many crimes and acts of random violence happen at this time of year so you had better be careful, but yer house is in a nice area so it is and I pass by that way all the time so I'll keep an eye on you and yer blue Ford Focus and those lovely kiddies so I will.

What is the fucking point of celebrating Christmas? Beys are in prison for crimes they committed but it wasn't their fault, society made them do it. Now the Parades Commission IRA won't let me hold disruptive charity events to send myself and some other "victims" to Libya to confront Gaddafi about funding the IRA .... no, Gaddafi isn't dead, hes a shape shifter who works for Satan .
Libya are having riots and the government are barely holding onto power, they'll give us money for the Lockerbie bombing just to get rid of us. I'd share it with the families of course.
Did you know that everyone in power who won't let the good Protestant community oppress the filthy taig community are IRA scum? .... even the Queen is in the IRA, her and her designated days.

Don't fuck with us or are flag! We are very dangerous because we know who you are .... we're just not saying but we know everything. Willie was able to read the tea leaves and now we know. You might as well just say your names cos we already know them.
Please put us on your blog we need to feel relevant, none of the other Prods like us, do it or we'll take you to court for endangering the lives of terminally ill children an puppies .... we are dangerous, you don't have a clue ..... we are like asbestos .... dangerous.     

I'm the leader I'm the leader, I'm the leader of the gang so I am.

Still not sure what to get that narrow minded person in your life? Why not a years membership to UK LifeLeague or Britain First  .... not the Protestant Coalition as I know a dead horse when I see one. You don't even have to leave the house or the dinner table at the family gathering, just empty your bank account online.
LIKE and SHARE this message if you hate Brussel Sprouts.

To all my Protestant peeps, have a great Christmas and get out for some peaceful protests in the new year.
If the Taigy people would just let us do what we want then there wouldn't be any trouble-ish so it's all your fault that we peacefully riot and have parades to commemorate every single bowel movement that King Billy had.

And remember, Fleggers love to be laughed at, why else would they behave so ridiculously 

 Merry Christmas!

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