Saturday, 7 December 2013

Fleggers Hate Old Knudsen

So when I made an innocuous comment about LAD merchandise being of good quality (that was really all I said) on the flegger page 'Loyalists Against Democracy Exposed' when they were attacking the LAD shap prices and LAD in general.
It costs a lot of money to run these online shops if you want decent products. I think they are pissed off that their money making scams were not as professional and they have been caught out several times for running a scam.

The exposed page removed my comment and blocked me from making further comments.

Then they kept insisting that they do not remove comments unless they are abusive, mine was not. Many fleggers pages including The Protestant Coalition do the same.

They said:
"Only offensive comments get removed here, we have no problem with anyone expressing their views, but you must show respect to others."

Why do you lie Loyalists Against Democracy Exposed? My first and only comment was a positive one giving my opinion on LAD products as I have bought some in the past.  Same old shit, Gog forbid that  LAD should want to give money to a charity and boost the awareness of it's existence.

The exposed page and Fleggers in general had a problem with LAD choosing the SOS Bus NI  charity as the one to donate proceeds of the LAD Christmas song which makes fun of the whole flegging scene. I guess they don't like being laughed at, you'd wonder why they go to so much trouble to give people things to laugh at them for.
Fleggers made threatening and abusive comments towards the charity, claiming they were working with LAD etc and so SOS Bus NI had to decline LAD's offer of a donation.  

Go to Loyalists Against Charity for more info.

Don't worry, they'll get attention thanks to the Fleggers being cocks and the money will flow in.

LAD is an anti-sectarian page and only harshly mocks bigots and stupid wankers. They will remove comments that are bigoted or just mean from ANYONE from any side . It's a satire page and has a line to walk. Those who don't do humour often fail to get the point of the page and leaving their attacking comments spoils the fun. They should keep the comments on as the trolls need to troll. 

I am against Loyalists Against Democracy Exposed as they have the neo Nazi Alice Dowson commenting and maybe shes an admin too, which probably means it's Jim Dowson pretending to be his daughter again, he did that to get around his bail restrictions.... if I'm lying I'm dying ... nope, not dead yet.

They are trying to blame the good guys for something which in this case is LAD.

Analogy to help you understand: 

A mindless bully is going around the school yard hitting people and giving them abuse ... not cool huh?
One of pupils, just an average Joe stands up to them but not being a thug they don't punch them, they make fun of them and belittle them to make them feel wick and remove some of their power.

The bullies are the fleggers and LAD is Joe. Think about who you support.

So many lies have cum from Fleggers over the last year and they have been caught out lots of times. Making things up to stir up the sectarian haters to push them into action of some kind and inflame the situation. 
The current Flegger campaign against LAD means that some Fleggers feel they aren't getting any attention and are feeling irrelevant .... I think they should get used to that. 

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