Monday, 9 December 2013

EMP Device For Sale

On this blog Old Knudsen has told you many theories that are actually facts, maybe he should call them factories ..... aye that wouldn't be confusing. I write stories, ideas and rumours laced with truth and fact for you to sift through to form yer own opinions on if you don't want the right opinion ... which would be mine.    

Remember when I told you about yon English town that had strange electric power cuts?  It was a black hole for electrical equipment, what you don't remember?

  Ach it's like ya just read my blog to look at hot weemen!  

Can't blame ya for that as I do talk the biggest load of shite ever, a bit like Jesus but without the tree hugging hippy sandal wearing. 
I also mentioned in that post that there was a nearby facility doing secret work that the government would appreciate. 
EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) is what we're looking at of course, recently Obama wanted to re-open Operation Fishbowl and detonate 3 nukes on American soil to create an E3 pulse but that was foiled by 3 top ranking military men with a conscience.

Last week on the BBC in the south of England a British company E2V has tested an E1 pulse device known as RF Safe-Stop for the military and police who are very interested. These would be used at checkpoints and can turn off the engine of cars or motorbikes that tried to speed through the road block up to a distance of 164 feet. 

What, you mean like an on demand black hole for electrical equipment?  Yes indeed. 

 Don't stop me now!

Thats how it works, shit happens, others don't notice as they fall for the distractions, I tell it on my blog, no one believes me then it comes out before people start believing but is presented on their terms and in a controlled fashion.  

You can make guns from yer 3-D printer, build drones in yer shed and now an EMP will be on everyone's Christmas wish list. 

The development of EMP's into military hardware is the first step to assholes using them to drop planes from the sky or block communications during atrocities. Get it mobile, increase it's power and you'll have a device that can make assassinations that look like accidents happen, assuming they aren't already doing it.

If the Brits are at this stage you know the Americans are way ahead as they have been working on this for decades.   

The public have too much technology and it needs to be under control.

You'll be seeing more unexplained events in the future.

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