Saturday, 7 December 2013

Dog Owners Not Lovers

Rudolph Poppe is a cunt! There I said it. On the 12th July, instead of celebrating the 1690 battle of the Boyne he took a sledgehammer and beat his 13-year-old golden retriever named Millie over the head in his Minnesota front yard, in front of the neighbors and their children.

They begged the 71 ear-old to euthanize the animal but he just continued to hit the dog.  When police got there they found the animal lying in the driveway  near his garage with a plastic bag over its head.

The dog’s skull was crushed and there was loads of blood but she was still alive, she even tried to stand up two times.

I bet she would have wagged her tail and licked Poppe's hand if he had put it out. 

Poppe insisted to the police that he was putting the dog out of it's misery and wouldn't obey their commands, of course at that point real cops throw you to the ground and cuff you .... and thats what they did hence his Star Trek head wound. Gog bless US police officers for not taking any shit.

A rescue group turned up and took Millie to a vet who put her doon that night.

Judge Rex Stacey sentenced the ugly fucker to 90 days in prison and 5 years probation. Many are upset at that sentence for being too light. He wasn't even going to send Poppe to jail but because it was done in front of kids he wanted the parents to be able to tell them that he went to prison for it .

So harsh ..... not! in 90 days he'll be back. 90 days of free health care he'll probably have a full set of teeth and will be looking great.

They go to prison for animal cruelty or domestic violence and BAM doesn't time fly and they are back acting as if nothing happened and not having learned their lesson at all.

Old Knudsen's opinion: He looks like a pedophile necrophiliac grave robber with chronic halitosis who says to young gurls, "aren't you a pretty one, you remind me of my daughter, want to touch my cock?"
Old Knudsen knows his own. 

Scum like him need to be taught about karma and have their skull smashed in with a hammer. It's fucking hard to kill someone with a hammer even a sledgehammer, it's not like in the movies ya know where one blow does the job .... unless you get really lucky, try about 10 repeated hits to the head. 

Poppe claimed he was doing what his stepfather did on the farm to kill the older horses.

"The way we treat our pets defines us," said Judge Stacey. "You don't live on a farm, Mr. Poppe. You're not your stepfather. I'm doing a very specific thing. I'm judging you for what you did that day."

There are petitions out there to get better justice for Millie as no animal should be treated like that considering the Humane Society puts animals doon for free. There is no excuse. 

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