Sunday, 1 December 2013

Dealing With Stress

Looking at pretty things makes Old Knudsen happy, you want him to be happy right? It's difficult for him to take the day to day stupidity he cums across.

 And why is the world so angry? It seems that stupid and angry goes together very well, then it makes Old Knudsen angry ... and sad ... and sometimes hungry.

So more pretty pictures then. Sure these weemen may be mean spirited harpies who fart like an ox and think they are superior because they are young and hot but whatever, these little snaps in time are not the real people, they are beauty and however you want them to be in yer mind for a minute or so.

Every pedo should be made to look at pretty naked adults, so should every stupid and angry person because they are doing something wrong in their lives.

My anger at the morons has decreased, Old Knudsen is more mellow and might even be able to go onto Facebook without killing someone.

Maybe I'll just kill a few of them.

Maybe I'm not ready yet.

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